Following on from the success of the UP! 3D Plus and UP! Mini compact 3D Printers, Denford are now pleased to announce exclusive distribution rights for both education and industry for the TierTime Inspire range of 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines – offering high resolution (up to 0.10mm), affordable 3D printing solutions.

Four models are available in the range: the Inspire S200, S250, D255 & D290 Printers - from as little as £7,100* plus delivery & VAT.




TierTime machines are supplied complete with user-friendly wizard based software, plus everything required to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss.  Simply use the TierTime 3D Printer to convert your 3D designs (.stl files) into durable, working ABS plastic models – literally at the touch of a button!


The Inspire range of 3D Printers use high quality / low cost reels of ABS material, which are available in a variety of colours - such as blue, black, white, green, yellow and red - at a fraction of the cost of other 3D print materials.


Features of the Inspire range of 3D Printers:


•High specification and high resolution machines – up to 0.10mm

•4 models available, with a range of working envelopes - up to 255 x 290 x 320mm

•Inspire S200, S250 and D255 have 0.15mm resolution, and the D290 has 0.10mm resolution, for production of seriously high quality models

•High resolution makes them perfect for all educational applications and also specialist applications such as industrial, dental and medical

•The machines use high quality / low cost reels of ABS material, which are available in a variety of colours.

•The machines comply with all European H&S legislation and are CE certified

•Full 12 month warranty, backed by Denford Limited

•Immediate turn around on deliveries of ABS material and spare parts


We are planning a series of Open Days at Denford, to allow customers to come and view our 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines, including the TierTime Inspire S250, the UP! 3D Plus and the UP! Mini. There will also be the opportunity to find out more about our CAD/CAM Solutions and Projects for Education.

For further information, including dates and times, please email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01484 728000