DOS / Win98 era control software

Legacy DOS software for machines such as Orac, StarMill, StarTurn, Triac

Control Software (DOS):
FanucMD for
Flashes.txt - Registration codes to unlock DOS software (cut and paste the three FLASH lines into your .OPT file)
StarTurn very old DOS software (prior to big perspex guard type)
Phoenix Magnum Router Dos Software (1.2Mb Zip)
FLSTEP Software (Cyclone, Generic, Mirac, Novaturn, TU150E)

Polylab software  

Polylab control software (works on DOS or Windows 3.11 only - check which type of PLC you have. The later machines used a Mitsubishi PLC)


Industrial Text Editor - the DOS industrial text editor to run on DOS based machines.
It will help with the loading and saving of programs via RS232 to your older Denford Machines