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Landau Forte College

"We have had a couple of Denford Routers now for several years:  a medium-sized machine and also a vertical router for producing larger pieces of work. Both these machines have been very reliable and are relatively easy to use, as both run identical machine software. Over the years we have produced some fantastic work on these machines, allowing Students to add another dimension to their products - both at GCSE and A Level. I have found Denford  excellent, in terms of  customer service - always willing to help with any problems you may have."

Steve Needham, Technology Dept.
Landau Forte College


Bennett Memorial School

"We currently run two Denford laser cutters: a small VLS 3.50 mobile unit and a large VLS 6.60 system.
Bennett Memorial School  has around 1300 students and just over a quarter of these have exposure to and use both lasers.  
As you can imagine, if the products were in any way unreliable or not up to the job, we would soon have a major problem.  
Thankfully, both machines continue to work flawlessly and meet and exceed  all our expectations and demands. 
I have had dealings with several of the Denford staff and always found them to be polite, keen to help and honest, which is very refreshing."

Brendan Murphy, Design & Technology Technician
Bennett Memorial School
Tunbridge Wells


Newbridge High School


"My own experience with Denford has been a very positive one.  After my initial research, which included visiting the D&T Show and talking to many of the respective companies there, I chose Denford due to the perceived commitment from the company with respect to product support.  Needless to say, my perception proved to be correct:  I have purchased 2 VLS Series Lasers from Denford and have never looked back!  Indeed, alongside the generous warranties they offer, their on-going support has been second to none.  From my point of view, the Denford team manage to blend an excellent and professional service with a rarely found human touch."

Craig Bowles, Curriculum Leader, Art, Design & Technologies
Newbridge High School
Forest Road
LE67 3SJ


Crofton Academy Project

The newly-refurbished Technology Facility at Crofton Academy (which was project-managed by Ian Wynn, of Bokkidezzine Ltd), is kitted out with a range of CAD/CAM equipment from Denford Limited,  including a Router 2600 Pro CNC Router, a PCB Engraver and 2 x VLS Series Laser Cutters.

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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology has become Europe’s largest manufacturer of bank note validators, and has earned a reputation as one of the leading suppliers around the world. In response to their increased demand to turn round new products quickly, their development team rely on Denford machines as a major part in manufacturing their prototype models. 

These models are complex mechanical devices comprising of many moving parts, including gears and cams, all of which need to be accurately manufactured to work together in order to achieve the demanding performance of a banknote validator when put through their rigorous testing procedures. 

Innovative Technology were so impressed with their Denford Triton machine, they have now bought a second machine...

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Derby College

Derby College offers every sort of course for every sort of student, whether they are looking for a route into university or preparing for the world of work.


"Derby College has had a working partnership with Denford for approx. 10 years now. As the Engineering department has expanded and developed Denford has responded to our technical requirements.  We have had excellent back up and technical support which has led us to continue to update and purchase new equipment from them. We look forward to our continued close working partnership."

Dave Palmer
Derby College


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Denford equipment boosts prototyping facilities


Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antennas and RF antenna modules for mobile handsets, portable devices and laptop computers.  

"We initially contacted Denford to see how we could improve on our existing prototyping facilities.
We have been extremely impressed with the speed and versatility of the machines, not to mention the service and support we have received.Having realised the benefits of using a small desktop milling machine for rapid prototyping, we have since upgraded the first machine and invested in another, with more to come. Throughout this process, Denford have been quick to respond to our needs and have given us some very effective solutions. Our customers are constantly impressed by the quality and speed of the prototyping work done on the Denford machines. With the wireless market growing at such a rate, its nice to be able to rely on the team at Denfords to support us along the way." 

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